Branding With Purpose is a studio with a knack for minimalism. At the center of the branding team  is Kelly Brito, a branding expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry.


Kelly Brito About Branding With Purpose


The first thing we like to share with new friends is: branding is a strategy meant to help a business, service, or product, stand out in the market through unique positioning and curated messaging elements (like a logo!). What makes branding unique is that this strategy approach is rooted in emotional connections (like trust).

What the studio is all about

We understand that not everyone has thousands to invest in their dreams. We don’t believe in things like “if you don’t financially invest in your business, you are not serious about it”. That’s a judgemental mentality of privileged people, that goes against our core values. So, we give back to our community through high value content on Instagram, the podcast, the blog, and the shop -which is filled with great material for businesses with teeny-tiny budgets.

We reserve the deep, truly transformational guidance and services for our clients. Meaningful, planned, strategic branding that supports your business goals can only happen through 1:1 service with branding pros, like us. So let’s connect!


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Our vision

To be part of a world where every woman can feel empowered to live life in their own terms. Mothers, grandmothers, daughters… We do not aim on age, we aim on timeless dreams of equality and power for women.

Our mission

To create opportunities for women entrepreneurs worldwide, through job positions or services provided, so that each small business owned by a woman can flourish to its true potential, while becoming a powerful brand in their market.

Our promise

To inspire, support, and empower women entrepreneurs worldwide to build their best brands, businesses, and lives through quality branding services and products.

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