Branding With Purpose is a studio with a knack for minimalism. At the center of the branding team  is Kelly Brito, a branding expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry.


Kelly Brito About Branding With Purpose


The first thing we like to share with new friends is: branding is a strategy meant to help a business, services, or products, stand out in the marketing through unique positioning and curated messaging elements. It is strategy that supports business growth, like any other strategy. The main difference is that branding is a strategy rooted in emotional connections.

We are a no-fluff, strategy-driven, branding studio. But people buy from people; humans connect with humans… The personal branding factor is huge for us! So here are some “real life” photos. Let’s connect through DM’s to know each other better.

What the studio is all about

The services page will give you a better idea of all things we offer. And Instagram is where you should find high value, but bite-sized, text and videos about branding strategy.

Instagram, the podcast + blog, and the shop is how we help small businesses with little to no budget. We understand not everyone has thousands to invest in their dreams. So this is our way to give back and support the community.

We reserve the deep, truly transformational guidance and services for our clients. Meaningful, planned, strategic branding that supports your business goals can only happen through 1:1 service with a team of branding pros, like us. So let’s connect! Meanwhile:

  • Enjoy a little snippet of our mission on this video
  • Listen to the latest podcast episode
  • Visit the “as seen on” below to watch/listen to Kelly’s interviews about branding and entrepreneurship.