Jill Etc Branding

Author Personal Branding Design



Secondary Logo – Using the same fonts as the main logo, the secondary logo was created to be used against different backgrounds while remaining easy to identify.


Main Logo – where all letters are in Capital, but the J is over double the size of the other letters and overlaid with the brand pattern.


Brand Mark/Seal – A shorter version of the logo, in different background formats, to allow building brand awareness by using the marks on several print and digital elements or products.


Bookmark Patterns consisting of serif font letters, using the secondary font family only. 

A serif font was chosen for the brand due to its untimely link with writers and typewriting.


Business Card and Holder Pattern created with a mix of the primary font (sans-serif) and secondary font (serif). 

A sans-serif font was chosen as primary/main font to give the brand and air of modernity.

About Jillian Etc. Branding

Jillian Etc. is a personal branding project. Jillian is a multi-talented woman, with different passions she wanted clearly reflected on her brand: writer, librarian, and makeup artist. Now you understand that moodboard, better, right?

Jillian’s brand is modern makeup artististry meets Shakespeare writing. Romantic, in a dark way.

In this project, the moodboard was central to the creative direction and visual identity design. The brand patterns were heavily inspired by the glass being filled up with types/letters, and that pattern was overlaid on the “J” of the logo.

The heavy usage of typography relates to Jillian’s writer and librarian side, while the sans-serif is used to keep the brand balancing between the modern and classic world.

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