Jill Etc Branding

Moodboard Secondary Logo - Using the same fonts as the main logo, the secondary logo was created to be used against different backgrounds while remaining easy to identify. Main Logo - where all letters are in Capital, but the J is over double the size of the other letters and overlaid with the brand pattern. Brand Mark/Seal - A shorter version of the logo, in different background formats, to allow building brand awareness by using the marks on several print and digital elements or products. Patterns Bookmark Patterns consisting of serif font letters, using the READ MORE

Instagram Growth Strategy in 10 Steps

The steps I took in 2021 in my Instagram Growth Strategy were extraordinarily simple. And there are even simpler, just as efficient, steps out there. It's imperative that you start this blog post knowing two things:1. My strategy was for authority positioning, not numbers growth nor sales.2. Always keep in mind that your strategy should be created around your needs and goals -like I explain on this Instagram post. Understanding the basics of a instagram growth strategy Instagram is only a part of your business and marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy will READ MORE

Social Media Branding Strategy in 6 Takeaways

Branding expands into every part of your business. Social media is no exception. So let's talk about about Personal Branding on Instagram. More specifically, separating the business and personal accounts on Instagram. Before we continue, let me clarify that this mostly covers my experience in handling social media branding and how I decided to work my branding strategy. This is not to say that is the only way and you cannot mix all under one same account. You absolutely can,. I do feel it presents more challenges in my case, but is doable and, in fact, is easier when READ MORE

Creating A Powerful Brand Mission Statement

Most people don't have a brand mission statement, and that's alright. But if you have never stopped to think of your brand statement, you should. After all, the fact you have not written it down should not mean you don't have one at all. What is Brand Mission? Well, the name is quite self-explanatory, isn't it? But because every piece of the branding puzzle works so closely together, I can understand how the line can get blurry on these.  I read once that your Brand's Purpose is your Why, Your Brand Vision is your What, and your Mission is your How. I READ MORE

The Importance of Typography in Branding

We tend to oversimplify the power of typography in branding. Constantly looking for fonts that are trending, avoiding to invest in premium fonts, or just not holding typography in the same level of importance as all other elements in a visual identity. The Importance of Typography in Branding Origin and differences between a type and a font Writing is one of our main ways of communication, in the digital era, it heavily means typography is everywhere. The word comes from the 17th century French word "typographie," roughly translating to the science of printed READ MORE