Creating A Powerful Brand Mission Statement

Most people don’t have a brand mission statement, and that’s alright. But if you have never stopped to think of your brand statement, you should. After all, the fact you have not written it down should not mean you don’t have one at all.

What is Brand Mission?

Well, the name is quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? But because every piece of the branding puzzle works so closely together, I can understand how the line can get blurry on these. 

I read once that your Brand’s Purpose is your Why, Your Brand Vision is your What, and your Mission is your How. I think it makes sense and makes it easier to think of it in this way.

Purpose – Why you are in it, why you do it, why.

Vision – What you want to accomplish while practicing your why.

Mission – How you do your what.

It is somewhat a ladder, where you need to first be very clear on one step before moving to the next.

To better explain, let me share a very simplified version of my own branding statements with you.

The Benefits of Having a Brand Mission Statement

  • Keep you grounded and focused. Keeping your eye on the prize, as they say. It will be your guiding force, always there as a powerful reference, so you never lose sight of what matters and the impact your brand is supposed to cause.
  • Another thing to keep you on brand. You can expand, grow, hire employees and still stay on brand, as long as you always have your mission in mind.
  • Allows your audience to be part of your journey. There is no best way to build your community of like-minded individuals than allowing people into your journey.

Your Purpose + Your Vision + Your Mission = IMPACT

The Why/What/How is a great way to look at Brand Mission. Another great thing to keep in mind is that Your Purpose + Your Vision + Your Mission = IMPACT. True, meaningful, and authentic impact.

As I always say, branding is building an experience. So storytelling, visual identity, and so much more is a part of it. But as a business owner, you want to cause impact. Because you want to be memorable! You want the audience to think of you when a certain problem or doubts comes to their mind. Marketing and positioning will also play a part on this -and we can talk about these points another day. For now start with the Purpose + Vision + Mission = IMPACT formula!

What Should Be In Your Mission Statement?

  • Your Brand’s Core Values
  • Inspiration (why should the audience or employees want to be part of your brand)
  • Authenticity (the grand piece that makes your mission, vision, and brand different from everyone else’s)

Important Things To Keep In Mind While Creating Your Brand Statement:

  1. A mission is a long-term thing. Much like a brand vision. So be bold! Dream big!
  2. But keep it realistic. You want to inspire, not be frustrated.
  3. It can change. Like everything in branding, it may change as your business grows and your branding adapts to support those goals.
  4. Try to keep it powerful but short. No one wants to read a boring, long piece these days. They want to know what you are about in a way that “clicks” easily but strongly.
  5. Like everything in branding, it’s about feelings. So make sure to be so inspiring you are touching people’s hearts!

If you’re new to branding, start with my post on Brand, Branding, and Visual Identity differences.